Prenatal & Postpartum Support

There are few times in life where so much is expected from us and yet we feel so ill prepared. Bringing a new baby into the family can be challenging at the best of times, both physically and emotionally. It is natural for new parents to experience mood swings, feeling joyful one minute and depressed the next. These feelings are sometimes known as the “baby blues,” and often go away soon after birth. However, some parents may experience a deep and ongoing depression that lasts much longer. This is called postpartum depression. (Canadian Mental Health Association).

Specialized Services Include:

  • Couples Counselling through Fertility struggles.
  • Counselling to process unexpected Prenatal Screening Results.
  • Grief and loss of a child (incuding during pregnancy or birth).

If you are a new mom, you might be feeling beyond overwhelmed all the time, struggling with constant thoughts that you are a “bad mom”, feeling like your baby is better off without you, or constantly worrying that something bad is going to happen. These feelings, along with a compounded sense of guilt, all contribute to a formal issue named Postpartum illness. It might be relieving to learn that this is a common issue that happens when the chemicals in your body are off, and that this is not evidence that you are failing as a person, mother or woman.

Both the research evidence and my own personal experience have taught me that there are very effective treatments for postpartum illnesses. Healing Moments offers such treatment.

One of the toughest barriers of seeking treatment can be an unwillingness to leave your child for the purposes of your own care. Healing Moments understands this, and offers a unique Mobile Counselling Service: we will come to you. Please reach out and contact us if you are interested– there is no additional fee for this service.

Please connect with us.
Being a mom is really tough job, but it doesn’t have to be this hard.

*If you don’t want to leave your baby but you know you need help and leaving your home with your new baby, feels to overwhelming please e-mail nicole@healingmomentstherapy.com to arrange in home postpartum counselling services.

Note: Mobile counselling services available in Milton and surrounding area.