Why Counselling Now

The reason for changing now is that the cost of change (going to therapy) is much less than the cost of things staying the same. On-going emotional distress left untreated is more likely to result in family breakdown, loss of a job, relationship conflict, isolation, further illness, substance use, difficulty controlling your moods and responses, self-harm, financial hardship and, in some cases, even suicide.

Generally as Human beings we want things or problems to “go away” and yet often we feel powerless to make any change. The nature of emotional suffering, mental illness and substance misuse is that we are left feeling like a victim. We lose hope that things can ever change. Calling Healing Moments will give you the power you need to make the change you so desperately want. We have learned that “talking about how we feel makes it worse”. This couldn’t be more untrue. Not seeking counselling, not making change is guaranteed to keep you stuck. Life just stays the same and pain increases.

Change is an important step towards healing and in our experience therapy is that necessary catalyst for change. By taking control over your life, therapy is the first step towards healing, recovery and simply getting your life back. By choosing therapy in response to such difficult times you gain valuable tools, necessary support and hope for your life moving forward.